Pearls Jewelry Marketing Tips


To get past customer resistance, create a person-to-person Relationship, and start building trust.


SALES EXPERTS agree that the first 30 seconds are critical to the success of any sale. Your job is to set the customer at Ease and pave the way to begin your sales presentation.

You won’t get there by using the traditional opening lines.

“Never ask a customer ‘Can I help you?’ You’ll always get The same response: ‘I’m just looking,'” says Brad Mack, President of IAS Training and author of I’m a Salesman! Not a Ph.D. “Instead, open the Jewelry sale with a meaningful, non-business conversation about current events, their jewelry, their kids, their car, etc.

“Your opening salutation can never be business-related”,

Says Harry Mack, retail

Consultant/trainer/speaker and author of No Thanks, I’m Just Looking!

Instead, opening lines should be questions that encourage conversation -unique, sincere, or different enough to cause the customer to take notice. Mack advises that you assess the customer as they enter the store, not to qualify or pre-judge them, but rather to discover some sense of how to open the sale. Is the customer a neat freak? Is he Sloppy? What type of watch is he wearing? Are his shoes Shined? Does he have goop in his hair? “If he has goop in his hair, it says he’s interested in how he presents himself,” says Mack. “And your opening line should take that into consideration.” Why does your opening line have to be so personal? Because people aren’t looking for Pearl jewelry, they’re looking for a place and a person from whom to buy, says Mack.

Let the customer know that you can communicate on a Person-to-person level and their comfort level will rise Tremendously. Your next most important task is to sell yourself and your Pearls Jewelry store. You should do This at least three to five times over the course of your
Presentation, says Mack. According to Mack, the best transitional question after a few moments of person- To-person conversation is

“What brings you into our store today?”

This question is extremely open-ended, and will generally lead smoothly into the second stage -needs determination.