It’s Important to Me to Give to Others Because of the Good Life I’ve Had

It has not been not total luck that I have done so well in life financially. A lot of it has to do with how much hard work that I’ve put into it, but luck is important, too. In recent years, I have felt that I am now making more money than I really need. Because of this, I began looking for Colorado charities that I could start making donations to. I think that I’ve been pretty fortunate in life, and I have not had trouble with many of the things that affect so many other people and hold them back. I wanted to figure out which charities I could give to where my money would be best served for the people who need it most.

I think that I realized that I was pretty lucky in life when I was just a teen.. This is because I had quite a few friends who didn’t live such a charmed life. One of my best friends had cancer very early on in life. This held him back in school for a long time, and it also left him partially disabled. Another friend lost his parents at a young age. And my best friend had a terrible relationship with his parents who were both alcoholics. Each of them tried to push through life as best as they could, but when things are not so easy for you, it is really hard to get ahead.

Sometimes people assume that someone who is not very far in life financially is lazy, but I have seen firsthand how hard people can try to do their best, but life keeps pushing them back. These are people who need a helping hand. These are people who want to contribute to the world as much as possible, but life sometimes has other ideas. I know firsthand giving people some extra help when they need it is just what they need on a temporary basis in order to get on their feet much more easily.