Tips For Mailing Jewelry

One of the key elements of a successful jewelry business is to be able to sell the pieces everywhere, no matter the distance. In this way, you can grab a huge market, not just the people living around your town. This will surely make you and your jewelry wholesaler very happy!

To be able to conduct long distance sales, you must ensure your mailing system is safe, easy, inexpensive, and efficient. Luckily, this is possible, as jewelry is a lightweight product that can be packed easily and mailed with minimal postage.

– First-class mail will cost you less than $1, and you can safely pack the piece inside a zip lock jewelry bag and put it into a cardboard gift box. Then, put the gift box, packing slip, and a business card, in a small bubble mailer. All these provide great protection for the jewelry. You can order bubble mailers, tape, and other supplies, through the Internet and save a lot of money.

– Priority mail is another good way to send jewelry. It takes around two or three days for a person to receive the order through this method, and it is fairly inexpensive. You will get free priority mail boxes from the post office, and in different sizes, which is very convenient. You can fill the boxes with crumpled paper, recycled packaging peanuts or bubble wrap.

– In regards to the postage, you can use or to buy and print your own at home without having to go to the post office and wait in line. You can mail the package from home, insure it and have a delivery confirmation included.

– Do not write any jewelry related word on your return address if you do not want the package to be stolen; stick to your first and last name. The same goes for packages that are sent to you. Never specify that your business is selling jewelry.

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Tips For Buying Jewelry For Your Wife

Finding the most current and helpful jewelry information is not always the easiest thing to do. There is so much information available on the internet that you may soon be conflicted as to which information will be of use to you. You are in luck. Here you will find some of the best jewelry tips available.

At some point in your life, you may have been approached by a friendly stranger in a store parking lot, claiming to work at a big retail store and offering to sell you a piece of jewelery at an unbelievably low price. If you have heard the phrase, “buyer beware” now is the time to heed those words and walk away. Most of the time it is merely gold plated and will change color within a month or so. If you think it may be the real deal offer to go to a pawn shop to test the purity. If they refuse then definitely walk away before you end up getting duped.

When you are cleaning jewelry over the sink, make sure that the drain is plugged. Too often, a precious piece of jewelry can easily slip out of your hands when it is covered in soap. If you plug the drain, your jewelry will not end up in the drain pipes.

There are so many people who throw good money down the drain just to buy some expensive piece of jewelry that they don’t really need. Save your money and purchase knock offs. You can find ones that look identical to the original but can cost up to 75% less.

Cabochons are a very popular format for jewelry pieces. The smooth, rounded edges place the focus on the beautiful color and translucence of the stones inside, and are convenient because they do not tend to catch on anything or snag. This makes them particularly well suited to children and teenagers.

A growing trend in jewelry is the production of green jewelry which is made of recycled metals, and natural and organic materials. Typically most items that are green or recycled are composed of silver and gold for the production of chains. If you want to lower the effects of metal mining as the leading toxic polluter within North America, start to incorporate green jewelry into your lifestyle.

Continuing to learn and grow is imperative to personal success, no matter what the subject may be. Now that you are more properly educated about jewelry, you can look forward to greater levels of success. Keep these tips in mind, and you can be confident in any jewelry decisions you make.



Sell Jewelry Online The Right Way

Jewelry has been around for more than 7,000 years now. Since then, more and more people become hooked on several pieces of adornment like a necklace, earrings, and rings. Most people consider jewelry not just as a typical accessory, but rather as a good investment. It is in best regard that people not only buy such items but sell jewelry as well. Nowadays, there are no better places to go for selling your jewelry and turn it in to a business but to go online.

It is true that there are precautions needed to observe when selling your jewelry online. Nonetheless, jewelry business is very profitable especially that jewelry seldom depreciates value. Around the world, there are a lot of jewelry lovers who want to add more for their growing collections. You can have a significant part to sell jewelry online if you really know what you are dealing.

To help you get started with your online jewelry business, knowing the fundamentals is absolutely necessary. To top the list, your jewelry should have a perfect presentation. Capturing the beauty and uniqueness of your jewelry will head you to your potential buyer. To get a good shot, here are some things that should be considered:

1. Right background should be utilized. Your backdrop should be contrasting for more appealing effect. For example, your white pearl necklace should be placed on a solid black backdrop to make it more attractive. You do not need to buy expensive backdrop. A good bed sheet or a poster board will do to serve as the backdrop. Another important thing to consider whenever you sell jewelry is that your item should stand out. That means that you need to remove all distractions from the back ground before you shot a picture.

2. All angles should be covered. Take a good shot in all distances and angles. Remember to zoom in detailed enhancements of the items. Zooming is highly required to highlight the color or the texture of your items that you want to enhance.

3. Proper lighting should be used. Although natural light best represents jewelry items, showcasing your jewelry in direct sunlight may cause negative effect because of shadows. If that bothers you, look for an area with indirect sunlight. You may try photographing your items outside during sunny days but remember to take a good shot on a shady area. If you prefer indoor lighting, you may do so as long as you use floor lamps, surrounding your items. Never use your camera’s flash as it may create distortion on the overall impact.

4. Create a photo gallery. A good photo gallery will definitely attract more potential buyers. To sell jewelry items with the use of pictures will be more successful since it will be shown in your listings. Bear in mind though that gallery pictures should be uncluttered since it represents not only your items but you as a credible seller.

Selling your gold and silver jewelry items online may pose as a challenge to beginners. But once you follow these simple tips, you will definitely make a name for yourself in this huge business.



Selling Gold Jewelry Tips

When I first started looking for selling gold jewelry tips, I came across a lot of confusing information, and quite frankly, I found a lot of garbage out there. My goal is to help you identify the resources that will help you get the most money for your gold jewelry if you are deciding to sell your jewelry for extra cash during these very difficult economic times. These are not tips to help you get the most money if you are looking to pawn your precious items. These tips will help you navigate some of the different options that you have when looking for the best place to sell your gold.

Tip Number 1

Think twice before selling your unwanted gold to pawn shops. Why, because this type of gold buyer is simply a middle-man that is making a profit off of your gold. The pawn shop will make the lowest offer possible for your gold so his profits will be maximized when the gold is resold to a refinery. I have absolutely nothing against pawn shops. Finding great buys in local pawn shops has been a hobby of mine for many years. If you want to find a great used home theater system, bicycle or lawnmower, go to a pawn shop and I am most certain that you will find a great buy for items like these. But if you are wanting to sell your gold and actually make a real profit, consider other options before selling your gold items to a pawn shop.

Tip Number 2

Hesitate before you run to your local jeweler to sell your unwanted gold. If you have a very nice piece of gold jewelry that is well made and has a lot of value as being a crafted piece of precious metal, then a jewelry store may be your best option. But if you have broken gold earrings or unwanted various gold items, local jewelry stores simply have no real interest in re-selling those types items. They may be willing to buy your scrap gold, but they are just not going to offer you very much money.

Tip Number 3

Think about finding an online gold buyer. If you have not heard of this type of gold buyer, let me fill you in on how they work. Typically you will navigate to their website where you will enter your information to receive a free mailing kit so you can send them your unwanted gold by mail. The different online gold buyers call it different things and describe it in different ways, but they basically offer the same service. Their overheads are low and many of them actually don’t advertise a whole lot. Since their advertising costs and other overheads are low, they typically offer a higher cash payout for your gold than pawn shops or jewelry stores. Yep, it’s as simple as that.


5 Tips to Sell Jewelry

If you are like most people, you have a few favorite pieces of jewelry in your jewelry box, but you also have some old outdated or broken jewelry too. With gold prices reaching historic highs, it might be time to cash in some of that gold jewelry.

Before you sell jewelry to your local jeweler or sell jewelry online, consider these five helpful tips.

Tip 1. Understand scrap gold prices

When you purchase gold jewelry, the price is based partially on the value of the gold and partially on the artistic value of the jewelry. Most people sell jewelry as scrap gold and not for its value are a piece of jewelry.

When you sell jewelry as scrap gold, you’ll find that the price is based strictly on the gold content and weight. The scrap gold value is always considerably less than the artistic value of the jewelry.

Tip 2. Make sure you are properly paid

If you go to a local pawn shop to sell jewelry, make sure you’re ready for high pressure! They will offer you rock bottom prices for your gold and then switch to high pressure sales when you try to leave without selling them your jewelry.

On the other hand, you can sell the payment gallery on certain web pages. That way, you can see exactly what they pay before you ever send in your gold jewelry.

Also, make sure your gold buyer offers you a satisfaction guaranty and a price match guaranty. That way, you’ll know you are getting the best price.

Tip 3. Safety first

Let’s face it, pawn shop are not often locating in a good neighborhood. Often times you’ll find that you have to go to the bad part of town just to sell jewelry. It is not safe to walk around carrying gold jewelry, and then intentionally go to the bad part of town.

If you sell jewelry online, you can do it from the safety and security of your own home.

Tip 4. Testimonials

The more well know cash 4 gold type web sites are often well known for their bad reputation. When you sell jewelry online, make sure you use a site with good customer testimonials.

Many sites have a ton of complaints on the Better Business Bureau. No news is good news when it comes to BBB complaints.

Tip 5. Fast Payment

Some online gold buyers expect you to wait for days for your money. When you sell jewelry online, look for a company that has the same sense of urgency as you. Do they offer quick shipping? Do they offer quick payment?

Some companies make you wait days while they send you a Gold Pack. However, some companies allow you to print a label and ship the same day.

Some companies make you wait for a check in the mail, and sometimes days for the check to clear, while some companies offer direct deposit into your bank account.



Pearls Jewelry Marketing Tips


To get past customer resistance, create a person-to-person Relationship, and start building trust.


SALES EXPERTS agree that the first 30 seconds are critical to the success of any sale. Your job is to set the customer at Ease and pave the way to begin your sales presentation.

You won’t get there by using the traditional opening lines.

“Never ask a customer ‘Can I help you?’ You’ll always get The same response: ‘I’m just looking,'” says Brad Mack, President of IAS Training and author of I’m a Salesman! Not a Ph.D. “Instead, open the Jewelry sale with a meaningful, non-business conversation about current events, their jewelry, their kids, their car, etc.

“Your opening salutation can never be business-related”,

Says Harry Mack, retail

Consultant/trainer/speaker and author of No Thanks, I’m Just Looking!

Instead, opening lines should be questions that encourage conversation -unique, sincere, or different enough to cause the customer to take notice. Mack advises that you assess the customer as they enter the store, not to qualify or pre-judge them, but rather to discover some sense of how to open the sale. Is the customer a neat freak? Is he Sloppy? What type of watch is he wearing? Are his shoes Shined? Does he have goop in his hair? “If he has goop in his hair, it says he’s interested in how he presents himself,” says Mack. “And your opening line should take that into consideration.” Why does your opening line have to be so personal? Because people aren’t looking for Pearl jewelry, they’re looking for a place and a person from whom to buy, says Mack.

Let the customer know that you can communicate on a Person-to-person level and their comfort level will rise Tremendously. Your next most important task is to sell yourself and your Pearls Jewelry store. You should do This at least three to five times over the course of your
Presentation, says Mack. According to Mack, the best transitional question after a few moments of person- To-person conversation is

“What brings you into our store today?”

This question is extremely open-ended, and will generally lead smoothly into the second stage -needs determination.



Tips for Shopping at Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores are not always the easiest place to shop at only because many people don’t have a vast amount of information about diamonds and gold to make the best buying decision comfortably. In situations where you need to buy a gift or you want to add to your own collection, though, you need to step into these locations and find out what’s available. The good news is that the best professional organizations are willing to work with you, educate you, and provide you with guidance throughout the process.

Educate Yourself Before You Go

One of the first things to do is to educate yourself about your options. Before leaving home, spend some time learning about the gems and precious metals you hope to buy. For example, learn the four C’s regarding the quality of diamonds. You should also learn the various levels of gold if you plan to purchase gold pieces. When you do this, and then visit jewelry stores, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make a comfortable buying decision. You will feel good about the investments you make. You may even be happy that you were able to make a good decision on your own.

Ask Key Questions

As you shop, be sure to ask questions. Find out about the characteristics of one stone to the next to determine why one is priced higher. You may also wish to discuss the various types of metals with the sales professional. As you do this, you will find yourself learning about the gems and metals. You are also learning about the experience and education the professional has. That can help you to feel good about buying from this company. If the agent isn’t all that knowledgeable, on the other hand, you may want to look elsewhere to help boost the confidence you have in the pieces.

Ask for Verification

In many cases, jewelry stores will have certificates of the authenticity of the precious metals and stones. This documentation allows you to verify the quality and it should pass on to you when you make the purchase. If you are purchasing a large diamond, you need this information to ensure you are getting what you are paying for in this purchase.

In many situations, jewelry stores want to work with you to satisfy your needs. These professionals have the tools and resources to help you to buy what you need and to get it right the first time. However, if you don’t speak up and ask questions, you may miss out on important information. You can feel good about this purchase.



10 Successful and Profitable Ways to Display Handcrafted Jewelry

Since starting my handcrafted jewelry business , I’ve displayed my items at many craft shows, fairs, festivals, home jewelry parties, etc. I often have a show two or three days a week. I have picked up many display ideas along the way. I have, also, had other vendors incorporate my ideas into their own displays.

One of the most important things to remember, is that you want your display to be appealing to the customer. Your jewelry or craft may be beautiful, however, that won’t matter if the display doesn’t look enticing enough for the potential customer to come take a look.

When it comes to jewelry, I find organization of items is very important. I have seen displays in which other jewelry designers have no particular organization in there presentation. That is their choice. I have had MANY customers comment on how much easier and quicker it is to find what they’re looking for when a display is organized.

Here are some tips and ideas for displaying jewelry items:

TIP #1:

-Display jewelry sets together. For instance, I display my chakra jewelry together on one mirror.

TIP #2:

– Display jewelry pieces for each category (ex. necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) in the same general area. It will be easier for your customers to locate specific items.

TIP #3:

– Organize bracelets by style, gemstone, color, etc. Whatever seems best for you. I separate my bracelet displays by gemstones. For example: I may have quartz, jade and carnelian bracelets on one display, my awareness bracelets on another, and so on.

TIP #4:

– Earring displays are personal preference. I have seen some designers display their earrings on hanging displays without an earring card, some prefer to hang them on a board display or earring rack, others use a rotating display. I use a rotating earring rack, as it takes up less space and I am able to display over 100 pairs of earrings. I use black flock earring cards to hang my earrings on and I include rubber earring backs with my earrings. This helps to keep the earrings in place on the card and offers the customer an added bonus to the earrings .

TIP #5:

-Be creative when displaying your jewelry pieces. I use black velvet and white leatherette jewelry displays, beveled mirrors and wire jewelry holders. Mirrors are a great way to display your jewelry-they are simple, inexpensive and elegant! I use them to display my featured pieces and jewelry sets. Beveled mirrors can be purchased in a variety of sizes at your local craft store or jewelry supplier.

TIP #6:

– It is not recommended to use flat displays. A lot of shows will not accept a vendor if they have a flat table display. It’s just not attractive! It is also recommended to have more than one tier in your display. I use the shelf from an old computer desk. I cover it with a piece of black velvet material and sit it on the back center of my table. It is perfect for displaying my business sign, a few necklace stands and smaller pieces of jewelry.

TIP #7:

-Cover your table! What colors you choose are up to you. However, if you choose a pattern that is too “busy”, it may take away from your jewelry. I use black tablecloths when displaying my jewelry. To accent the black color, I use runners or large fabric table napkins in the colors of the season. I’ll use rust colors in the fall, red and green in the get the idea. I also, display inexpensive “props” on my table. I use small wood pumpkins, small candles, clip on ornaments, etc. Make your table appealing to the buyer!

TIP #8:

– Include a business card display on your table. This will promote your business and lead to repeat customers.


-Make signs. I use tent cards to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. I design my own tent cards on the computer using tent card sheets or card stock. I then cut them to the size I want. I label each of my categories with a tent card. For example: “Awareness Bracelets”,”Men’s Jewelry”,”Children’s Jewelry”, “Anklets”. I also make tent cards labeled with my services. For example: “Custom Orders Available”, “Host a Jewelry Party”, “Bracelet Lengths Can be Adjusted”.

TIP #10

-Make sure you have a business sign. Promote, promote, promote! Make or purchase a sign with your business name, logo and/or description. I have an 8″ x 10″ sign on my table display ( I designed and printed my own sign out on the computer and put it into a picture frame) and I also have a vinyl sign that hangs in front of my table. If you’re interested in a vinyl sign, you can make your own using a vinyl sign kit (available in craft stores) or you can purchase one from a sign company.

It’s best to make your display neat and professional, and let your personality reflect on it.

An attractive display will be far more appealing to potential customers. Be creative!



Jewelry Care Tips

The majority of the time if we can afford to we are going to own at least one piece of dear jewelry and it is important to take care of your precious piece of jewelry, if it is a diamond necklace or two earrings. If you own a bit of Swarovski jewelry then simple cleaning tips for Swarovski jewelry are the same as what is outlined below. Even if you don’t own a diamond necklace but have polymer clay jewelry, it remains important to look after it so that it will last you a lifetime and you can pass it on to your children.

We are fascinated with the beauty of our jewelries, and actually we even see ourselves more stunning wearing those sparkling and eye-captivating stones on our body. Whether valuable or semi-precious jewelries we know that the better the jewelry is looked after the longer it’ll last and will keep its original shine. Having done some intensive research, here are some of the finest jewelry care tips I gathered :

Do not spoil jewelry on clothing. Do not wear your jewelry before dressing, and remove it first before taking off your clothes. There are some pointed or edgy areas on the jewelry that can destroy both your jewelry and your clothes.

Keep a sterling-silver polishing cloth handy for a quick wipe before wearing your jewelry. This can help you clean and shine your jewelry in a moment. This type of lint free material is available in most jewelry shops and discount stores.

Do not wear you jewelry if you’re intending to go for a swim in a swimming pool, spa or any other water that will contain chemicals, or use it around household chemicals that we customarily use for daily cleaning, they contain substances that will easily oxidize jewelries. Chemicals that are included in some perfumes, hair and body sprays, and even body lotion could be a cause of discoloring too.

Store jewelry made from silver and other metals that are susceptible to tainting in an air-tight or zip-lock plastic bag. This low tech methodology of storing your jewelry will keep them looking as new, for a long time. Don’t store pearl jewelry in sealed bags!

Most jewelry can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent added to water if needed, rinse with clear water and dry with a soft material. Test an inconspicuous area for color fastness before cleaning the whole piece.

If you employ a jewelry cleaning liquid, read the instructions conscientiously before using. Some types of beads and gems, including pearls, turquoise, opal, and other soft stones, shouldn’t ever be put into any cleaning solution.

Remove jewelry before retiring to bed. Sleeping in your jewelry can add additional stress to chains, joints, etc, and shorten the life of your things. If you do some more research on a guide to wearing jewelry then you will find lots additional info to help you wear your jewelry and at the same time protecting it from damage.

If you need help with your jewelry business then our jewelry software is guaranteed to get your business organized. We also have jewelry business tools and a free jewelry book all designed to help you get the most out of your jewelry business.



Tips to Choose the Right Place to Shop

Choosing the right diamond jewelry store can be a difficult task. Between chain stores, local shops, kiosks, booths, and many other places that sell jewelry, you have to be able to decide where to go. The challenge is finding a store that is reputable and offers affordable products. Here are some tips to help you avoid bad jewelry stores.

Where to Go

When deciding where to go for purchasing diamonds, there are a few factors to consider.

First, what is the quality of the merchandise on display? If the jeweler sells silver pieces for the same price as gold pieces, then you should avoid doing business with them. Additionally, if the jeweler specializes in handling cubic zirconium and other knock-offs of real diamond products, then chances are you should look elsewhere.

Next, consider the location of the store. If the jewelers you are dealing with do not have a permanent shop, then they are probably not people you should be buying diamonds from. After all, if they can pack up and move to a different town at a moments notice, then nothing will stop them from deceiving you with low quality products at a high price.

Finally, think about the size of the store. The larger the store, the more buying the store has to do for inventory. Because suppliers give the best deals to jewelers who purchase the most products, larger dealers can generally offer the lowest price on jewelry.

Other Diamond Buying Tips

If you are purchasing a diamond for someone you truly care about, you should buy designer diamond jewelry. Designer jewelry has the highest fashion standards, making them the most attractive for people to wear. Their designs for pendants, rings, or anything else always look better than non-designer jewelry.

Another thing you should be on the lookout for is a diamond jewelry shop that’s having a sale. When companies have sales, sometimes it is because nobody wants the products they are trying to sell. However, more often than not, sales take place simply because they have old stock that they want to get rid of to make room for a new shipment. Take advantage of a jeweler’s desire to move old merchandise and save yourself a lot of money.

Finally, shop around. Look into multiple locations that sell jewelry. Diamond jewelry can be very expensive, so you should be cautious when purchasing. If you are buying a gift, make sure that the piece you have truly symbolizes your love for that person. You don’t want your loved one to receive an expensive gift and not be absolutely floored.

By following the tips listed here, you will certainly be able to find the perfect diamond jewelry you have been looking for. Remember that not all diamond sellers are trustworthy, so always be cautious. Additionally, use common sense when shopping for diamonds. Do not let a salesman swindle you into purchasing something that you feel uneasy about.