5 Tips to Sell Jewelry

If you are like most people, you have a few favorite pieces of jewelry in your jewelry box, but you also have some old outdated or broken jewelry too. With gold prices reaching historic highs, it might be time to cash in some of that gold jewelry.

Before you sell jewelry to your local jeweler or sell jewelry online, consider these five helpful tips.

Tip 1. Understand scrap gold prices

When you purchase gold jewelry, the price is based partially on the value of the gold and partially on the artistic value of the jewelry. Most people sell jewelry as scrap gold and not for its value are a piece of jewelry.

When you sell jewelry as scrap gold, you’ll find that the price is based strictly on the gold content and weight. The scrap gold value is always considerably less than the artistic value of the jewelry.

Tip 2. Make sure you are properly paid

If you go to a local pawn shop to sell jewelry, make sure you’re ready for high pressure! They will offer you rock bottom prices for your gold and then switch to high pressure sales when you try to leave without selling them your jewelry.

On the other hand, you can sell the payment gallery on certain web pages. That way, you can see exactly what they pay before you ever send in your gold jewelry.

Also, make sure your gold buyer offers you a satisfaction guaranty and a price match guaranty. That way, you’ll know you are getting the best price.

Tip 3. Safety first

Let’s face it, pawn shop are not often locating in a good neighborhood. Often times you’ll find that you have to go to the bad part of town just to sell jewelry. It is not safe to walk around carrying gold jewelry, and then intentionally go to the bad part of town.

If you sell jewelry online, you can do it from the safety and security of your own home.

Tip 4. Testimonials

The more well know cash 4 gold type web sites are often well known for their bad reputation. When you sell jewelry online, make sure you use a site with good customer testimonials.

Many sites have a ton of complaints on the Better Business Bureau. No news is good news when it comes to BBB complaints.

Tip 5. Fast Payment

Some online gold buyers expect you to wait for days for your money. When you sell jewelry online, look for a company that has the same sense of urgency as you. Do they offer quick shipping? Do they offer quick payment?

Some companies make you wait days while they send you a Gold Pack. However, some companies allow you to print a label and ship the same day.

Some companies make you wait for a check in the mail, and sometimes days for the check to clear, while some companies offer direct deposit into your bank account.



Pearls Jewelry Marketing Tips


To get past customer resistance, create a person-to-person Relationship, and start building trust.


SALES EXPERTS agree that the first 30 seconds are critical to the success of any sale. Your job is to set the customer at Ease and pave the way to begin your sales presentation.

You won’t get there by using the traditional opening lines.

“Never ask a customer ‘Can I help you?’ You’ll always get The same response: ‘I’m just looking,'” says Brad Mack, President of IAS Training and author of I’m a Salesman! Not a Ph.D. “Instead, open the Jewelry sale with a meaningful, non-business conversation about current events, their jewelry, their kids, their car, etc.

“Your opening salutation can never be business-related”,

Says Harry Mack, retail

Consultant/trainer/speaker and author of No Thanks, I’m Just Looking!

Instead, opening lines should be questions that encourage conversation -unique, sincere, or different enough to cause the customer to take notice. Mack advises that you assess the customer as they enter the store, not to qualify or pre-judge them, but rather to discover some sense of how to open the sale. Is the customer a neat freak? Is he Sloppy? What type of watch is he wearing? Are his shoes Shined? Does he have goop in his hair? “If he has goop in his hair, it says he’s interested in how he presents himself,” says Mack. “And your opening line should take that into consideration.” Why does your opening line have to be so personal? Because people aren’t looking for Pearl jewelry, they’re looking for a place and a person from whom to buy, says Mack.

Let the customer know that you can communicate on a Person-to-person level and their comfort level will rise Tremendously. Your next most important task is to sell yourself and your Pearls Jewelry store. You should do This at least three to five times over the course of your
Presentation, says Mack. According to Mack, the best transitional question after a few moments of person- To-person conversation is

“What brings you into our store today?”

This question is extremely open-ended, and will generally lead smoothly into the second stage -needs determination.



Tips for Shopping at Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores are not always the easiest place to shop at only because many people don’t have a vast amount of information about diamonds and gold to make the best buying decision comfortably. In situations where you need to buy a gift or you want to add to your own collection, though, you need to step into these locations and find out what’s available. The good news is that the best professional organizations are willing to work with you, educate you, and provide you with guidance throughout the process.

Educate Yourself Before You Go

One of the first things to do is to educate yourself about your options. Before leaving home, spend some time learning about the gems and precious metals you hope to buy. For example, learn the four C’s regarding the quality of diamonds. You should also learn the various levels of gold if you plan to purchase gold pieces. When you do this, and then visit jewelry stores, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make a comfortable buying decision. You will feel good about the investments you make. You may even be happy that you were able to make a good decision on your own.

Ask Key Questions

As you shop, be sure to ask questions. Find out about the characteristics of one stone to the next to determine why one is priced higher. You may also wish to discuss the various types of metals with the sales professional. As you do this, you will find yourself learning about the gems and metals. You are also learning about the experience and education the professional has. That can help you to feel good about buying from this company. If the agent isn’t all that knowledgeable, on the other hand, you may want to look elsewhere to help boost the confidence you have in the pieces.

Ask for Verification

In many cases, jewelry stores will have certificates of the authenticity of the precious metals and stones. This documentation allows you to verify the quality and it should pass on to you when you make the purchase. If you are purchasing a large diamond, you need this information to ensure you are getting what you are paying for in this purchase.

In many situations, jewelry stores want to work with you to satisfy your needs. These professionals have the tools and resources to help you to buy what you need and to get it right the first time. However, if you don’t speak up and ask questions, you may miss out on important information. You can feel good about this purchase.



10 Successful and Profitable Ways to Display Handcrafted Jewelry

Since starting my handcrafted jewelry business , I’ve displayed my items at many craft shows, fairs, festivals, home jewelry parties, etc. I often have a show two or three days a week. I have picked up many display ideas along the way. I have, also, had other vendors incorporate my ideas into their own displays.

One of the most important things to remember, is that you want your display to be appealing to the customer. Your jewelry or craft may be beautiful, however, that won’t matter if the display doesn’t look enticing enough for the potential customer to come take a look.

When it comes to jewelry, I find organization of items is very important. I have seen displays in which other jewelry designers have no particular organization in there presentation. That is their choice. I have had MANY customers comment on how much easier and quicker it is to find what they’re looking for when a display is organized.

Here are some tips and ideas for displaying jewelry items:

TIP #1:

-Display jewelry sets together. For instance, I display my chakra jewelry together on one mirror.

TIP #2:

– Display jewelry pieces for each category (ex. necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) in the same general area. It will be easier for your customers to locate specific items.

TIP #3:

– Organize bracelets by style, gemstone, color, etc. Whatever seems best for you. I separate my bracelet displays by gemstones. For example: I may have quartz, jade and carnelian bracelets on one display, my awareness bracelets on another, and so on.

TIP #4:

– Earring displays are personal preference. I have seen some designers display their earrings on hanging displays without an earring card, some prefer to hang them on a board display or earring rack, others use a rotating display. I use a rotating earring rack, as it takes up less space and I am able to display over 100 pairs of earrings. I use black flock earring cards to hang my earrings on and I include rubber earring backs with my earrings. This helps to keep the earrings in place on the card and offers the customer an added bonus to the earrings .

TIP #5:

-Be creative when displaying your jewelry pieces. I use black velvet and white leatherette jewelry displays, beveled mirrors and wire jewelry holders. Mirrors are a great way to display your jewelry-they are simple, inexpensive and elegant! I use them to display my featured pieces and jewelry sets. Beveled mirrors can be purchased in a variety of sizes at your local craft store or jewelry supplier.

TIP #6:

– It is not recommended to use flat displays. A lot of shows will not accept a vendor if they have a flat table display. It’s just not attractive! It is also recommended to have more than one tier in your display. I use the shelf from an old computer desk. I cover it with a piece of black velvet material and sit it on the back center of my table. It is perfect for displaying my business sign, a few necklace stands and smaller pieces of jewelry.

TIP #7:

-Cover your table! What colors you choose are up to you. However, if you choose a pattern that is too “busy”, it may take away from your jewelry. I use black tablecloths when displaying my jewelry. To accent the black color, I use runners or large fabric table napkins in the colors of the season. I’ll use rust colors in the fall, red and green in the winter..you get the idea. I also, display inexpensive “props” on my table. I use small wood pumpkins, small candles, clip on ornaments, etc. Make your table appealing to the buyer!

TIP #8:

– Include a business card display on your table. This will promote your business and lead to repeat customers.


-Make signs. I use tent cards to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. I design my own tent cards on the computer using tent card sheets or card stock. I then cut them to the size I want. I label each of my categories with a tent card. For example: “Awareness Bracelets”,”Men’s Jewelry”,”Children’s Jewelry”, “Anklets”. I also make tent cards labeled with my services. For example: “Custom Orders Available”, “Host a Jewelry Party”, “Bracelet Lengths Can be Adjusted”.

TIP #10

-Make sure you have a business sign. Promote, promote, promote! Make or purchase a sign with your business name, logo and/or description. I have an 8″ x 10″ sign on my table display ( I designed and printed my own sign out on the computer and put it into a picture frame) and I also have a vinyl sign that hangs in front of my table. If you’re interested in a vinyl sign, you can make your own using a vinyl sign kit (available in craft stores) or you can purchase one from a sign company.

It’s best to make your display neat and professional, and let your personality reflect on it.

An attractive display will be far more appealing to potential customers. Be creative!