Choosing The Perfect Gold Necklace Sets

In the making of jewellery, Gold is one of the few metals that exhibits a high level of versatility. If one is of the opinion that they must invest in gold, then one must first make the a proper enquiry into the price of gold in the market. If the prices of Gold are very high, then it is easy to buy gold but getting old gold pieces exchanged may be a problem.

Another economical option would be gold plated jewellery which uses up to 14-18 carat gold. Listed below are some tips that will help in the purchase of gold necklace sets.


The first point to be taken into consideration is the occasion for which the necklace is being bought. A party being held in the evening would require a set that is attractive and flashy while an event in the day would call for a more sober and comfortable set.


The set being bought must match with one’s wardrobe without which the gold necklace sets would stand out unnecessarily. you can also be tempted to buy gold with its rising importance in the market.


A pendant and a necklace make an excellent combination. This means one may also need to check if they want to wear a pendant along with the necklace. If yes, the size of the pendant also has to be decided upon. Also, it is advised that you try varied combinations of necklaces and pendants in order to ensure that the set does not become repetitive.

Length of the necklace

The required length of the gold necklace depends on the person wearing the necklace. The length of the necklace should be appropriate. A choker generally looks good on people with a long neck. People with relatively smaller necks are advised to buy a longer chains as it gives a feeling of length.


While making a final choice, one could browse through the catalogue before deciding on any one set. The choice can also be made on the basis of the gold carats used for making the set. The more expensive the set, the purer will be the gold.

There are different shades of gold that are available in various designs. Shades such as white, rose and even pink coloured gold are available which brings about variety in the sets. One of the recent colours added to gold is a green tinge.

A set can also be made with other precious stones embedded and the design can be modified as per your liking.



Buying Scrap Gold

In August 2011, gold prices hit a record high, surging past the $1,800 per ounce mark. There were reports by investment analysts estimating gold prices to climb to $2,000 per ounce by the end of the year. The soaring prices did not deter investors in the yellow metal, as expectations were still bullish. Buying scrap gold was also one of the avenues considered by investors to reap the benefits of the surging market.

Tips for Buying Scrap Gold

Since the time cash-for-gold schemes were launched, people have increasingly considered buying scrap gold. Here are some tips that may help you in purchasing gold scrap:

    1. Deciding investment value: Buying scrap gold for selling is among the safer investments in a challenging economy. It is a good idea for novice buyers to begin with a minimum amount. The minimum can be as low as $50. Buy your first lot with little money, so that you limit your risks while you gain knowledge about the market and learn the tricks of the trade. With time, you will gain confidence and be better prepared for making larger investments.


    1. Use a digital scale: Selling gold scrap does not require any special knowledge. However, you should know how to use a digital weighing scale. You can buy your own scale, since it costs only a few dollars.


    1. Check online auctions: While there are local shops that one could visit for selling and buying scrap gold, most people prefer the online medium for trading. This is because one can make profitable deals by participating in online auctions.


    1. Collection of gold scrap: You can also consider buying gold items from your friend and family members. You can purchase broken necklaces, missing pairs of earrings and other such items that cannot be used anymore. In this way, you can probably pay less than the market price to buy gold according to the weight of the yellow metal.


  1. Use of advertisements: There are many sellers who advertise in local newspapers for selling gold. There may be people who wish to sell precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum to pay off their debts. Since such sellers may be in urgent need of cash, you may be able to strike a profitable deal. However, you will need to identify sellers who appear genuine, as you may not be able to differentiate between pure gold and gold alloy.

Buying scrap gold is not difficult, but it needs you to be careful. The safest way to sell and buy gold scrap is via a reputed online platform. You may check the clientele of the platform to make a decision regarding its authenticity.



How to Choose the Perfect Gold Necklace

kalung emasGold is one of the most versatile metals used to make jewelry. If you are planning to invest in it, you must remember to first check out the gold prices in the market. Really high rates for gold would mean that you can buy gold but exchanging your old gold pieces for new ones may be very difficult.

You can also go in for more affordable options like gold plated jewelry or 14 to 18 carat gold. Here are some tips that will be handy when you set about buying your gold necklace.

You must first consider the type of occasion for which you are buying the piece. Evening wear demands an attractive, showy piece, while day wear would mean less bling and more comfort. You will have to match the piece with your wardrobe and also check if you want to pendant along with the piece.

The pendant also makes a world of a difference to the piece you are wearing and you might want to mix and match to avoid repetition. The necklace should also be of the right length. You would not want a choker if your neck is not long enough.

For those with smaller necks, a longer necklace gives an appearance of length. Long necks can carry of close fitting necklaces very well.

While choosing the piece, you can browse though the price category that best suits your tastes and budget. You can also choose from a variety of carat of gold. The rule of thumb is that the higher the carats the purer the gold.

You will also find different colors of gold in amazing designs. You can choose from white, rose and pink colored gold. A recent addition is gold with a green tinge. You can also choose a piece studded with semi-precious stones of diamonds if that is more to your liking.



Luxury Pens and Other Gift Ideas

Is it your boss’s birthday or has holiday time rolled around again? Perhaps he’s finally retiring after forty years with the company or you need to celebrate an employee’s tenth anniversary at the office. Whatever the reason or occasion, you’ll need to give the person a great corporate gift. You want to get him something special, but you know that it has to be something appropriate. From luxury pens to watches to leather briefcases, the possibilities are endless.

One of the most popular items to purchase is a luxury pen. Although more decorative, luxury pens are one gift that everyone is sure to love. However, you can’t go for a cheap $30 pen. This pen needs to be truly beautiful, a work of art. Some popular choices are Montblanc, Caran d’Ache, and Waterman fountain pens. You don’t have to be a writer to appreciate the beauty of these luxury pens. They will certainly make anyone’s desk look elegant.

Watches are probably the second-most popular gift, especially when commemorating an employee’s anniversary at the company. Watches are functional and an accessory that both men and women will love to receive. With so many different companies, you can easily find one that fits your budget. If you’re unsure of the person’s taste, a simple stainless steel watch will make an excellent choice. If the recipient does not favor watches, then consider an exquisite clock for the desk. These elegant clocks will be adorned with gold and silver. Modernists will love the selection of silver and crystal clocks that Movado offers.

Shopping for a soon-to-be retiree? Than a leather briefcase is out of the question, but if it’s for someone new to the field, it’s fair game. For someone younger, go with a leather briefcase that looks more like a messenger bag. A snap-close black briefcase is best for those who prefer a more traditional style. A desk set can help those who are suffering from organizational issues. Look for a set that includes a desk blotter, a pen holder, letter opener, and different size memo holders. A portfolio or business card holder is a budget friendly gift that’s also very useful.

Common gifts include barware sets and glasses, picture frames, cuff links, money clip holders, and jewelry boxes. However, if you prefer something more unique, try to really think outside of the box. If you know the recipient on a personal level, it shouldn’t be too difficult to think of a gift he may want. The key is to think of something useful. You can only own so many flasks or money clips before it becomes annoying receiving those gifts. Ask other people in the office what they are purchasing so you can avoid a repeat gift. Find out if a few coworkers want to chip in so you can afford something a little nicer. Also consider a gift that can be engraved to add a personal touch. The choices are far from finite. With a little thought, you can find the best corporate gift.